About NC Consulting

I have created Noel Castinel Consulting, a real estate consulting company that brings together several sectors of activity : classic real estate, architecture real estate and villa rentals.

Real estate : for more than 15 years, I hold a professional real estate agent license. Look at my estate portfolio for sale in Provence and on the French Riviera on   www.stoneinvestment.fr.

Architecture : a passion, I have always been interested in architecture in general and, more specifically, in the different architectural trends of the 20th and 21st centuries. Discover remarkable properties on www.architecturedecollection.fr.

Home rentals : my first reason to live, travelling, did not leave me ! I could not help, but offer you a panel of villa rentals, in France and around the world, to be discovered on www.contrastes.com


I invite you throughout my world, built around a single passion : the place that makes you dream. For a living or on holllidays, everything comes with an approach of aesthetics and quality. My experience will be very useful to you, in the very particular sector of the luxury real estate.

The keys to success:
. Professionalism
. Bespoke service
. Availability
. Network of selected partners
. Effective marketing (web presence, referencing, newsletters)

"Entrust us with your project, we shall make it a success".

A presence in London with VIP Real Estate


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Noel Castinel

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